A few pieces from the last couple years.

Peregrine Falcon 40" Custom Drawing

Grouse 40" Custom Drawing

Steel Mill custom drawing

"Where it Lies, a commission for Thunderhart Golf Course.

White-tailed Deer 40" custom Drawing for Ollie & co.

"First Pitch" Created with colored pencil and ink.

A wedding gift commission featuring the lovely venue in New Hampshire.


"Angel" Created for and donated to the Stand Up for Pits Foundation, for their annual Hollywood fundraiser.

Private Commission as a birthday gift to the buyer's wife.

"Curious George" Created with colored pencils and pastel.

"Peregrine" A 28" x 40" commission for's new luxury apartment building in Pittsburgh.

An 11" x 14" custom Family Tree drawing.

"Lucille" Created as a gift to the founder of the Stand Up for Pits Foundation.

"Into Thin Air"


Detail of a Wedding Guest Book Tree, showing the watercolored leaves.

An 11" x 14' Family Tree



"Twisted Satin"